Momchil Nekov nominates young volunteers for Europeans of the year

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Momchil Nekov nominates the young students from the training centre "Anastasia Dr. Jelezkova" in Varna for European citizens of the year.  In the flood in “Asparuhovo” in June 2014, the same students from the training centre were among the first ones, who volunteered and helped.

Every year the European Parliament awards the European citizens who were defending and disseminating the Europeans values.

"The Floods in Bulgaria took many victims and caused enormous material damages, but at the same time a phenomenon worth for admiration was affirmed – volunteering,”   wrote Nekov in his motivation for the award.

He further stated, that thousands of volunteers, including children with disabilities, refugees, representatives of the Jewish and Roma helped the people in need.

"The Disadvantaged youth people of the Social-Educational Center" Anastasia Dr. Jelezkova "were the youngest and the most active volunteers who participated in the cleanup. Their dedication and commitment are dignified of the award “European citizen ". Their demonstrated spirit evidenced the core values ​​of our nation such as mutual respect, friendship and mutual assistance. They showed that people in need having the desire and perseverance can help compatriots in trouble, despite their own difficulties! I truly hope that the jury will assess their dignified work which will stimulate the strengthening of solidarity and mutual commitment as Bulgarian and European virtues, "said in his statement, the MEP Momchil Nekov.

The European Parliament Prize is a plaque of the plenary without any material value. So far in Bulgaria were nominated with the same award: the writter Valery Petrov, the ship mechanic liner from "Concordia"  Petar Petrov and Dr. Milen Vrabevski.