Momchil Nekov pledges against the extreme poverty

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he Member of the European Parliament, Monchil Nekov supported the campaign of the NGO "One" against extreme poverty in the world. "One" is one of the most influential organizations which are struggling to reduce poverty through various projects. The same is financed by the frontman of  U2 -  Bono.

In September "One" turned to MEPs, requesting them to ensure the allocation of sufficient funding to curb the extreme poverty and to ensure that governments and businesses spend purposefully granted funds for this purpose. The European Union is the largest humanitarian donor in the world. The EU budget and the Member States  are granting funds  in order to combat poverty.

Over the last 20 years the global poverty fell by half, and if the funds are not reduced and spent as intended, humanity can deal with this problem by 2030, according to "One’s" opinion. Currently, 7.5 million people have access to drugs against AIDS, malaria patients in Africa have declined by 75%, and 51 million children have access to schools.

You can find out which of the MEPs support the humanitarian cause here:

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